Danger Of Consuming The Oil From A Can Of Tuna

Closely linked to Mediterranean gastronomy, tuna is one of the most demanded products in specialized food stores. Good for all its characteristics , however the canned variety carries some other health risk. In particular in its canned oil , there are reasons not to consume it.

Fresh tuna, red, belly, bonito … there are many ways in which tuna manifests itself, blue fish par excellence and, therefore, one of the most recommended in its consumption. Also in the canned variety, the one with the most options in the supermarket, this is very useful for easy-to-prepare dishes since it can be included in any menu.

With a nutritional contribution somewhat less than fresh tuna, however the canned version contains omega-3 fatty acids , B complex vitamins and a wide variety of vitamins A and D. All conditions that make it optimal in any diet … although not excessively ( no more than three cans a week , due to the high level of mercury it contains).

The risk of canned tuna oil
This is one of the dangers that must be taken into account when consuming canned tuna, but even more so, we must pay attention to its oil that is used to preserve it . In both the olive oil and sunflower versions , the former is more recommended due to the obvious properties of liquid gold.

Of course, when consuming the tuna, it is advisable to remove the oil – always recycling it properly – and not use it as a salad dressing . This is certified by various studies and nutritional experts who claim that this oil, although edible, contains a large amount of salt (to act as a preservative).

When preparing a salad it is better to use normal extra virgin olive oil than to reuse the one from the tuna can
In other words, a ‘shot’ of the oil from an 80-gram can carries a high level of calories that can be harmful if taken in abundance or in the presence of a protein diet. Therefore, it is advisable to be extremely careful with this product, which, although beneficial, does not have the same qualities as fresh tuna.

A canned tuna that can be found in practically all food establishments, with the consequent good use resulting from the good reception it has in salads, toasts or with pasta . Of course, always with a moderate consumption.

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