CNTY Plus more hopefuls like Blackston

Four of the major venture capital funds are preparing to bid on Urbaser, the former waste and water subsidiary of ACS, now owned by Chinese group CNTY. Plus, more hopefuls, like Blackstone, may join.

The attractiveness of Urbaser is not surprising , considering its high internationalization (it operates in 30 countries) and the interest that assets related to the circular economy and the energy transition are now arousing .

But above all, the lesson learned by CNTY influences. Potential buyers weren’t comfortable with the Chinese firm’s plan to seize control and bring in a minority partner. On the contrary, now that CNTY is ready to sell 100% of Urbaser, the operation will recover its full potential.

Alstom shows that it is ready to do anything to not assume its defeat against CAF in the mega-contest of the Paris Cercanías network.

After filing legal appeals and trying to discredit the winner without evidence, Alstom is now torpedoing Bombardier’s commitment to supply 146 trains to the Spanish manufacturer. It so happens that CAF won the Parisian contract in association with Bombardier and the latter company.

since January 29, owned by Alstom. The French manufacturer does not hesitate to use this circumstance as a new means to suffocate CAF.

Despite the protests of the French authorities themselves. Not in vain the unjustifiable obstructionism of Alstom not only hurts its rival; it also damages the Parisian rail service.

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