Sinovac Announces That Efficacy of Its Vaccine Not Yet Final

Sinovac Announces That Efficacy of Its Vaccine Not Yet Final

The Chinese pharmaceutical Sinovac warned on Tuesday that the efficacy of its vaccine is not yet proven , despite the fact that the latest results of the tests indicate that it generates 97% of antibodies.

That was the percentage announced on Monday by PT Bio Farma , a subsidiary of the company in Indonesia, the country in which it performs the last stage of the tests on patients. The effectiveness, however, is not yet confirmed, according to a Sinovac spokesperson on Tuesday in statements collected by Bloomberg .

In the same way, the Chinese pharmaceutical company calls next January to know the final results of its vaccine.

Waiting for results from Brazil
The Asian pharmaceutical giant clarified that 97% refers to the percentage of seroconversion, independent of the efficacy of the vaccine.

Sinovac also expects to know the details of the phase III trials conducted in Brazil, with a larger population sample. Composed of 60 cases of Covid-19, the company affirms that they will be key to determining the final scope of the vaccine.

The vaccine, however, has already been administered to thousands of people under China’s emergency program, a step similar to the one likely to be taken by US pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna , main competitors.

Where are the vaccines?

Pfizer announced an efficacy in its vaccine, made with the German Biontech, of 90%. It reports, however, greater logistical difficulties for its distribution

Moderna también apuntó una eficacia de entre el 90%y el 95% y ya ha solicitado la autorización incluso en territorio europeo

El tratamiento de la Universidad de Oxford y Astrazeneca es, sin embargo, uno de los más atrasados, al anunciar una eficacia por debajo del 70%

En otros países como Rusia, la vacuna del Instituto Gamaleya se prueba desde hace meses en miles de voluntarios

Basada en la hepatitis o gripe
La vacuna de Sinovac se basa en una versión inactiva del coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 en un método similar al que se utiliza en el desarrollo de los tratamientos contra la hepatitis, la gripe o la poliomielitis.

A comienzos de noviembre se comunicó desde Brasil un “evento adverso” en los ensayos, qe obligó a su paralización temporal para su posterior reanudación. Pending conclusive tests, Sinovac will have to wait until next year to begin distributing its vaccine, after initial calculations predicted that it could start in late 2020.

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