INE Approves That Without Leaving Office Deputies Can Be Re-Elected

INE Approves That Without Leaving Office Deputies Can Be Re-Elected

By a majority of 7 votes to 4, the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) approved that federal deputies will not need to separate from office to seek reelection in 2021.

The discussion was not without controversy, since a minority group of councilors, headed by the president of the organization, Lorenzo Córdova, accused that this measure allows the fairness of the contest to be violated.

The foregoing, because the deputies could use the public resources available as part of their legislative mandate for proselytizing purposes. “To guarantee equity (the best thing) would be the separation (from the position of the legislators,” said the president advisor.

On the other hand, the parties and the majority group of councilors defended the approved agreement with the argument that the INE does not have the powers to regulate the reelection of legislators.

However, counselor Ciro Murayama indicated that if the INE has to regulate this issue, it is because the legislators did not do their job when issuing the corresponding regulations on the rules of re-election.

“I would have preferred that this discussion did not take place, that the legislature had done its job,” Murayama said. “What a shame that the INE has to take over this work when the legislators did not do their job.”

The representative of the PRD, Ángel Ávila, warned that it will be necessary to be aware that the deputies do not use public resources when seeking re-election. “It must be made transparent, that the Chamber could put in the public magnifying glass where the parliamentary resources go,” he argued.

Despite the fact that the deputies may be re-elected without leaving office, they will be subject to an inspection by the INE to determine if they made adequate use of the public resources they receive.

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