Owner Of A House In Torrevieja Destroyed By A Gas Explosion

Owner Of A House In Torrevieja Destroyed By A Gas Explosion

The firefighters are looking for the owner of a flat in Torrevieja in which there was a great explosion last morning, possibly caused and that at the moment has not seriously injured people .

According to the Provincial Firefighters Consortium of the Alicante Provincial Council and Emergencies of the Generalitat, the strong deflagration occurred at around 6:20 am in a home located at the intersection between Diego Ramírez avenue and Apolo street.

The explosion is believed to have been caused by the discovery of several gas and gasoline cylinders , according to fire officials.

Despite the fact that initially, the Firefighters have searched for the tenant among the rubble, the troops have finally ruled out that any person was found among these remains.

The firefighters, Civil Guard and local police have evacuated the building and at this time the habitability conditions are being assessed , in addition to investigating the details of what happened.

Various fire brigade units have come to the scene with a 30-meter escalator , as well as numerous personnel from the rest of the emergency services.

The residents of the house have stated that the owner of that home had threatened on numerous occasions in the past that he intended to “blow up” the building.

In statements to Efe Televisión, a spokesman for the firefighters reported that this man “had threatened that he was going to blow up the building” on several occasions and that, for this reason, some of the neighbors had denounced him .

Inside the house there were nine bottles of butane gas, three of camping gas, cans of paint and cans of gasoline “strategically distributed” around the rooms, according to the firefighter, who has indicated that in light of all these indications “it is possible to think that there was an intention for the explosion to occur. ”

The deflagration has affected the fourteen houses on the first floor of the building and in the second floor there has also been some damage, but more slight , while shrapnel impacts can also be seen on the opposite facade.

The structure of the building, according to the firefighter, has not been damaged , according to a first report from the municipal architecture services of Torrevieja.

Therefore, residents can return to their homes, except those on the first floor, which will foreseeably be relocated by the town hall.

A neighbor door to door has told Efe Televisión that the owner of the apartment where the explosion occurred “is sick in the head” and that he has filed several complaints against him for threatening the neighbors, including his children , the last one himself Wednesday.

Therefore, this neighbor who is a taxi driver believes that this complaint could be “the last straw” for the man to put into practice his threats to blow up the property.

He has reported that due to the difficult situation he decided that his wife and children went to sleep at his mother-in-law’s house and that he spent the night on the sofa in the living room , which has saved him because the bedroom is wall to wall with the house from the explosion .

“The only thing he has saved from my house is the dining room (where he has slept) and part of a bathroom .”

Another neighbor on the third floor has stated that “the explosion has been enormous” and has added that “he has won the lottery” because neither he nor his neighbors have suffered damages, and has confessed that he did not foresee that there would be such a situation.

The owner of the house is still being searched by the Civil Guard without news of his location.

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