Christmas Tree Ornament That Is Sweeping Amazon Is Toilet Paper

Christmas Tree Ornament That Is Sweeping Amazon Is Toilet Paper

Face it: you still have a good arsenal of toilet paper rolls in your pantry. Of course, now that we are no longer amateurs and that this world pandemics and various confinements does not catch us new, accumulating toilet paper in our pantry as if there was no tomorrow sounds like something from the Paleolithic.

Probably if we went back we would (even) destroy more with the flour, the yeast and the pizza dough, which in the end were much more useful than the Scottex rolls.

Science quickly gave an explanation: People who saw this pandemic as a great threat and who showed a greater tendency to anxiety, order and self-discipline , were more likely to accumulate toilet paper.

Thus, the paper functioned as a subjective symbol of safety, something certainly shocking, since Covid-19 mainly attacks the respiratory tract, where the paper has little to do.

And be careful, because if you thought that the thing was not important, you should know that this staple product has even earned an entry in Wikipedia. Under the name of Toilet Paper Phenomenon 2020, the free encyclopedia says that it consisted of “the impulsive and unbridled acquisition of this product during the Covid-19 pandemic of that same year.

It affected many countries in the world, such as Spain, Japan, United Kingdom, United States , France, Singapore, Australia and certain Latin American states. The massive purchases brought with them the exhaustion of this article in diverse supermarkets around the world, as well as the limitations to acquire it in some areas “.

It also collects that it has become an object of study and that some of the causes are: lack of information, visual effect (it is very bulky, so it gives the feeling of a full pantry), imitation effect when seeing people compulsively buying and, of course, the fact that it is something of first necessity, something that we want to cover everything in situations of uncertainty.

It has also been the meat of memes and the protagonist of funny stories such as that of the Australian family that was made with 2,300 rolls. The fever has passed, but we will always have his memory and tributes such as that of the Austrian postal service , which will launch a postage with the same material as the toilet paper.

If you also wandered through a supermarket in search of the longed-for paper without success; if you had to ask your neighbor for a roll; or if you were one of those who filled their car to the brim , there is no doubt: you will never look at toilet paper the same again.

And the tribute of the stamps is very good, yes, but it is better to close the year with a new ornament on the Christmas tree.

You can buy it here for 7.93 euros.

The brands know this, they have gotten creative this year and have gone beyond tinsel and colored balls. If in previous years personalized ornaments with the name swept, now comes a new milestone that promises to accompany us on several Christmas Eve.

A pendant with the best of this year: 2020 with its coronavirus, a roll of toilet paper, a hydroalcoholic gel and, of course, several heads of Santa Claus (look at the detail of the mask).

It is customizable , so you can write a message like “Merry Christmas” or a wish like “2021 can not be worse”.

In addition, the Santa hats also have a place to write the names of the members of the house. There are them for families of two to seven members and includes the marker. If you make a mistake, it is very easy to erase, you just have to wipe it with a little alcohol.

It’s hand-painted, includes a tree hanging ribbon, and is made of lightweight , durable polyresin so it won’t deteriorate over time.

If the style of this does not convince you, you have this one with a somewhat more elegant design. Made of resin, it includes a red ball and can also be personalized.

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