Chicago Seven trial caught the nation’s attention in November

Despite questions from the police, they remained completely silent as they beat the ground with shepherd’s crooks. His peculiar happening began to be common in all riots. When the Chicago Seven trial caught the nation’s attention, they were there too. The end was drawing near and they were going to rule the new world.

The growing group lived in caravans until Fred Jordan, one of the first television telepreachers, offered them food and lodging at one of his ranches in exchange for regular appearances on his television show. They rehabilitated the land and called it “The ranch for the soul.”

The media coverage caused hundreds of new followers to join the cause, some to rehabilitate from their addictions – the association’s main hook and others to flee from their parents and live in an apparently healthy and youthful environment, a place in the that sins were expiated after the delivery of all material goods at of those teenagers who had joined the cult in 1969 told Rolling Stone in 2005. “Since we had everything, we wanted the void to be filled by God. We wanted to change the world ”.

The community grew and the cult began to spread to other cities in America. Its main means of dissemination and collection was music and the different groups that were formed traveled the world giving concerts.

These tours included, among others, Jeremy Spencer, one of the members of Fleetwood Mac, who one day had disappeared before a concert in Los Angeles. After searching for him for five days, they found him at Jordan’s ranch. He had given them all his money, shaved his head, and changed his name to Jonathan. Four decades later, he still belongs to the cult.

This image of some of the members of Los Niños de Dios was obtained by a reporter from ‘The Sun’ in 1976. According to him, he left the organization when they began to ask him for money. That same year some of its members began to arrive in Spain.

Upon joining the group, everyone changed their names to other biblical references, sometimes on more than one occasion, which made it impossible to trace them and was very useful in the face of future problems with justice. Berg, who was then called Moses David by his acolytes for having led them from the desert to the Promised Land, was especially concerned with maintaining anonymity.

He preferred to stay in the background and avoided appearing in photos, which gave the cult members the false feeling that no one controlled them, that they were small free communities. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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